Integration - Build a virtual PC (automatic conflict testing)

Component Integration (this website) allows you to build a complete PC configuration and helps you find whether there are conflicts between the selected components. We call this special feature - 'Integration'. All you need to do is to add the computer components into the configuration. Integration takes care of the rest. It makes sure that all the components you select work with each other perfectly. It cross checks each component's compatibility with all other components. Additionally, it checks for issues such as availability of slots on motherboard and drive bays etc. It helps you be sure that buying a component is not followed by regret!

  • It saves the time you would invest asking on discussion forums about whether or not a set of components will work with each other. The time can be used in other useful ways.
  • It helps you save the time you would waste waiting for others to reply.
  • It helps you ask others about what configuration is better without having to type in all your thoughts.
  • It helps you help others by simply giving them a link of a new configuration on CI rather than typing the names and model numbers of each component time and again while discussing (and getting them confused).
  • You can show your configuration to the world without having to put the name of the components as your signature message. A link would suffice!

You are not logged in. Logged in users can save and share PC configurations. click here to use the Integration system without logging in.

Check compatibility between two computer components

You can use Component Integration to check the compatibility between two computer components. This system forms the base of our 'Integration' system (look above). Click on the link below to go to the compatibility check page.