10 Reasons why Skype is the best messenger for you

-By Vaibhav Kaushal

Skype is the best messenger out there!If you are a smartphone user, you’d probably agree to it – SMS is dead. You might be still getting your ticket booking and pizza delivery notifications via SMS but apart from such grandly mentionable uses, chances are thin that you use SMS for messaging in real. SMS is slow, you don’t get to know if the other fellow has read it or not and it can be costly if the other guy lives on the other side of the world.

Those are only some of the reasons why WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook messenger and iMessage are popular. Add to that the increasing need to share images, watching your buddy live and a dozen or so ‘I need more’ requirements and you get to know why messaging apps are swarming up. But what is the best messenger of the lot? We think, it’s Skype and we are going to give you reasons for that:

Chat support

If you’re bitten by the chat bug, Skype can prove to be your companion. You can message your buddies over Skype (well, you already knew it anyway). You can leave them offline messages too which they receive when they come online. Much the same way as WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger etc. Smileys are no problem either.

Platform support

Skype is available on all platformsSo you use Android and your Friend does Windows phone and someone does not have a phone. Skype is everywhere. It is for Windows Phone OS, Android, iOS and Blackberry. If you do not have a smartphone, it is for Linux, Windows as well as Mac OS X. No matter what you use, Skype is there for you. Get yourself an @outlook.com address and email and you can use Skype on the web too! Now, all other messengers are available on either desktop or mobile platform sets. Skype is only one omnipresent.

Edit messages

Making a typo, writing something in the wrong window or sending an unwanted message. We all make such mistakes. Skype is the only messenger which allows you to edit your sent messages and they appear in their new, edited form on the other end(s). That is one unique feature in the lot!

Live Multimedia Chat

Using WhatsApp you can record your voices and send to your friend. But is that fun really? Or is it better to just call the person up? Bet the latter one is way better. You can use Skype to do live multimedia calling – both audio and video, on all platforms!

Offline Multimedia message

Now, calling the folk up requires him to be online at the moment. In case that is not the case, Skype can still be used to leave an audio or video message which he gets when he comes alive online again.

Transfer files

Most other popular platforms let you share video, audio and picture files. Skype lets you transfer anything. How cool is that?

More privacy

You do not have to share your email address or phone number to start talking on Skype. Only the username and you can talk only when both people agree to, i.e. they add each other in their friend lists. That seems to be better than any random person adding you in their contacts list and starting messaging you, isn’t it?

Call Mobiles

Now, probability is very high that someone using a smartphone would use Skype to call mobiles but what if for some reason you are simply not able to use your phone to call someone? Well, Skype is the only messenger that lets you do that!

Message Facebook friends

Skype lets you share screensYou can use Skype’s desktop app to message your Facebook friends too! So in case you wanted the FB messenger on your Linux desk – well, there is a way now! Well, you can even read posts, reply to them, see pics posted by friends and pages and like them and share them. Skype becomes the desktop Facebook app when you associate FB to Skype!

Screen Sharing

And this tops the list. If you simply want to get help from your friend who would guide you over the VoIP call – call him via skype and enable screen sharing and he will be able to see what you see on your desk but would not be able to control it. Bet nothing matches the usability of that. You can teach your parents and grandparents to just use skype and help them from wherever you are!

If you have a few more points, for or against what we just said - we would love to have your comments below.

Posted on Jan 24, 2014 09:31 PM
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