Duet Between Glary Undelete and Glary Utilities Pro (Win Free Keys for Giveaway)

-By Vaibhav Kaushal

This is third data recovery tool that we are reviewing and we need to emphasize about the importance of data recovery tools. They come in handy at disastrous times and can save you a lot of trouble by helping you recover data you accidentally deleted or lost. Glary Undelete is one of those in the league and is a good software.

Installation, UI and Ease-of-Use

Glary Utilities Pro KeyInstallation was fair and simple. At mere 1.2 MB, the software is of dramatically small size. The UI is simple and unlike most other software, is limited to only one screen and that is cool. No wizards and annoyances with go-backs and re-runs. One screen, all done. That makes it easier than what we would call ‘easy-to-use’. The UI is inspired by Windows Vista and there is one bar at the top which really reminds us of Vista. So the UI is overall attractive as well as simple.

The meat of the feast

If we haven’t said it enough times already, here it is – all the makeup of a tool in name of a polished GUI is useless if the software does not get the job done. Glary Undelete works well and does what you want it to and is amazing at that. Now, it’s not all rosy as we encountered a very strange quirk with the software while being astonished at its speed. The brick-batting, first:

We downloaded from their website the Glary Undelete tool. We ran it and the very first time we were jaw-dropped at its scan speed. It took hardly a second to list the deleted files from our experiment drive. Perhaps it reads only the MFT table of NTFS but well, it did list the deleted files! Again, it did not list the file whose area we had overwritten but that is just like any other software we came so far and we couldn’t complain. However, when we recovered, we found that both the picture as well as the PDF files we had deleted, were corrupt upon recovery. That was upsetting and we were a little annoyed, especially because though the PNG file was being reported in a ‘medium’ state (directly indicating the recovery might result in a corrupted file) but the PDF was being reported in a good state.

We thought about trying out the pro version. We downloaded the Glary utilities pro and installed it. Then we launched the file recovery wizard from Glary Utilities Pro’s main screen (Glary Utilities Pro does a hell lot of things, not just data recovery). Surprisingly, the data recovery wizard launched by the Utlities Pro did recover both files. While the PNG which was in a medium condition, there was a difference in the data recovered compared to Glary undelete.


If you download Glary Undelete and think it sucks, try out Glary Utilities pro. Considering the price and functionality of Glary Utilities pro, it is good. However, Glary undelete not doing the good job was upsetting. When it comes to verdict, we here at CI got confused about what to do – because the pro version works and the individual tool ‘undelete’ fails. We decided to rate it at 3.7/5.

We were very happy with Utilities pro but listing a tool on your website which does not get the job done is not so cool, especially when you have something which works. To lock down features or to request a purchase on the tool window is one thing and having the tool in a broken state is another. We tested Glary Utilities Pro as well and we would give that one 4.7/5. For the price, Utilities Pro is an awesome deal. But Undelete was a bitch so we decided to go with 3.7/5 (reduced 1 point because ‘Undelete’ did not work the way we were expecting it to).\

Win Free Keys to Glary Utilities Pro

Like we said, Glary Utilities Pro is one good software (it's actually kind of a suite) to have. It does lots more than just recovering precious data. It is priced at $39.95. However, you can have it for free (a free key) if you do two simple tasks - 

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Posted on Dec 26, 2013 01:14 AM
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