Manage Your Partitions Professionally with AOMEI Partition Assistant - Hands-on-Review

-By Vaibhav Kaushal

Partitioning is not something you do every day. But when you need it and the Windows Disk Management console does not serve your needs, it is then that you realize that you needed a dedicated partition manager.

We bring to you AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard, the premium utility software which takes care of everything about the partitions on your system.


Not before but only after experiencing it hands-on is when you realize how much you needed this product. It is feature packed and is designed to keep you a step ahead with its unique set of features.

We often realize that a particular partition is overweighed with size and we are not able to utilize that much space wisely. AOMEI Partition Assistant comes in handy to let you resize (expand or shrink) a particular partition or merge two partitions into one. If your partition is acting rash and has gone crazy, you can even delete it with a click. Besides, you can split a particular large sized partition into smaller lumps to judiciously put the space into good use. Many a times, in migration of data, as they tell you, especially on the SSDs, partitions get misaligned. Fret not! You can use this utility to align it. One of its unique features allows you to even smartly copy a partition or the entire disk if you wish to from one HDD (or SSD) into other. Now, if you want to use your old hard drive for experimenting, all you need to do is use the ‘complete copy’ feature of AOMEI Partition Assistant and each sector of your old hard drive will be copied into the new, just as they are. The fact is, even the old, lost/deleted files will be transferred and data recovery can be performed to retrieve them back at your will.

​Besides just letting you manage partitions, this software comes with two very useful features. While one allows you to perform migration of an OS to your hard drive, the second one called Windows to Go Creator lets you create a bootable USB drive with a working Windows 8 or 8.1 enterprise edition live environment. Windows to Go, as we already know is a feature in Windows 8 (and 8.1) enterprise editions which allows users to create bootable Windows 8 (and 8.1) enterprise USB drives. But in case you don’t have a working Windows 8 OS on your system, all you need is the disk of the same or an ISO image and AOMEI Partition Assistant shall guide you through the rest.

Now, the list doesn’t end here. In the Pro version of AOMEI PA, you get a built in Dynamic Disk Manager which allows you to resize dynamic disks without loss of data, resize, create/format/delete various types of dynamic volumes and even convert dynamic disks into basic. All this in a click, and all in just one piece of software! The Pro version is even blessed with a partition recovery wizard and allows you to make bootable CDs of your favourite operating system. Not only this, you can do various operations on MBR disks and now you know how much AOMEI have been able to stuff in into ‘just one bunny’.

Further, you can convert NTFS to FAT32.


After having our hands on the Standard version (the unpaid version) of the product, we were quite satisfied with the various ways it comes in handy to one. The software is professionally made and the interface is quite user-friendly. Frankly speaking there are so many options that you can’t even list out in a single piece, and yeah, the product is useful. The awesome thing about the software is its pricing - FREE! Though it would be an extremely rar case that you would need the two premium features - converting dynamic disk to basic and mangement of dynamic disks, a price of $36 is justifiable, very justifiable. Taking everything under consideration, we think we can rate it at 4.5/5. You can download the feature packed AOMEI Patition Manager (standard version).

Posted on Dec 19, 2013 06:03 AM
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