Recover 'Your Precious' from Anywhere, With Ease with 7 Data Recovery Suite (Hands-on-Review)

-By Vaibhav Kaushal

7 Data Recovery Suite Home Screen

We have all deleted a file unintentionally with Shift+Delete or emptied the recycle bin with a lump in our throats later on. To save the day, there are a number of software available, here we review one of those. And a good one!

How We Reviewed

Well, here is what we did, in short: we filled a 10 GB partition with files and then deleted and added some files in such that it assured us that one of the files was over-written. We did not use targeted overwrite method to stay closer to the real-world scenario than to a perfect, ideal world that does not exist. We then ran the 7 Data Recovery to attempt recovery of those files.

Overlook – The UI, the Options and Ease-of-use

7 Data Recovery is one sweet program for the purpose. There are 4 options. It is pretty easy to use, save the fact that the options sound a little confusing. Well, hovering over each option would tell you what it does. But still, in our opinion, a little change in names of those options would help a novice. Also functionality is more or less the same – so giving one option which works instead of 2 is a good strategy, too.

The Recovery Process - What Actually Matters!

We decided to proceed with the interface and began with the first option – 'Deleted Recovery'. The wizard asked us to select a partition, selecting which produced a blank screen to leave us befuddled. There is a left pane showing 'NTFS partition' and nothing on the right pane. The 'Search Files' option did not search for any file no matter what we put in. Disappointed, we went to home screen again and decided to move to next option.

7 Data Recovery - Complete Recovery

'Complete Recovery' looked like a very promising name to begin with. After selecting the partition it showed us a dialog of partition scan progress. When that got over, we were presented with a merged view of what the structure looked like right now (after deletion) and placed the deleted files it found inside the appropriate folders, where they were. Impressive way to present, we must add, very impressive! We got all the files we deleted and with a right click, recovered them. 7 Data Recovery also recovers files compressed with NTFS's compression feature. One problem however – the file whose data area we overwrote – that one was not to be found. So if you have deleted a file and the storage area where it was present has been overwritten, 7 Data Recovery may not allow you to recover that (even in a corrupted state). But then not many programs can recover overwritten data anyway. So, it is better for the noob to recover what can actually be recovered.

We were not looking for partition recovery – so we skipped that. Although we must say two things about it – 1) Depending on your HDD size, it will take a lot of time to run and 2) It did list the partition structure of the disk before we used it in our test machine. So, it works!

The ‘Digital Media Recovery’ is the same as complete recovery, except that it lists only multimedia files. It is also strange but very admirable that after running ‘Complete Recovery’ scan, the first option ‘Deleted Recovery’ started showing the files that were recoverable!

One of the features we actually loved (and loved just too much) was the search option in deleted recovery section. In quite a number of occasions, in haste, one might forget where the file which you deleted, was placed in the first place. if you remember any part of the filename, this feature empowers you to search for the file among the delete ones. A time saving feature, if you actually delete a folder stuffed with files!


We would give 7 Data recovery 4 points out of 5 for its simple interface and for being a program that simply, actually, works. However we were not very impressed by ‘Deleted Recovery’ option not scanning in the first run and showing up a dumb & blank interface. Also, it did not list the file which was overwritten – sometimes it might be possible to make use of partial data and that did disappoint us a bit. Overall – a sweet program! You can buy one of the licenses on their website if you wish. We believe it is worth it. But if the total data you need to recover is below 1 GB, the free download should be enough for you (beware of retrying to recover the same file again and again).

Posted on Dec 16, 2013 12:40 AM
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