About Us

CI is designed and developed by a bunch of tech geeks. We are people like you. We search over the internet for the right information about various products, from various manufacturers for quite some time before we buy them. We get confused with the different layouts of the manufacturers' sites and categorisation methods. We try to find the reviews of products from various sources, the styles of most are usually confusing or intimidating. This, along with various other reasons inspired us to create our own catalog of products, to keep it easy for ourselves, and others.

CI is aimed to do one thing - integrate. We strive to relate information about devices in an intuitive and easy-to-understand style and try to omitt the clutter created by excessive information thrown on each page to attract and engage visitors. Not only this, testing compatibility among various computer components is a unique feature available only on CI.

We keep trying to add as many products as we can and we are continuously working on more features. Although we have ideas of our own and plans to work them out, we would love to hear from you. If you can, please do visit the Contact us page and tell us how we can improve. We would love to hear.